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Northcreek Veterinary Clinic

Cat being examined

Our Policies


Routine procedures like wellness exams, vaccinations, and laboratory tests must be paid in full at the time of the appointment.

The cost of surgery, emergency procedures, and non-routine medical treatments can become a concern for a pet owner. We encourage all of our clients to explore payment options like CareCredit or pet insurance to assist you with covering the cost of your pet’s health care. Our veterinary team at Northcreek Veterinary Clinic can provide you with an estimate that can help you plan for the cost of your pet’s needs.

Please note that an estimate is not always 100% accurate, and expenses could be more or less than originally estimated. Our team of veterinarians is committed to helping your pet receive the health care they need.

Appointments Preferred

Appointments benefit everyone! Scheduling an appointment keeps your wait time low and allows our staff to stay on schedule!

Surgery Appointments

Surgical appointments are scheduled 1-2 days per week, so we typically do not schedule routine appointments during those times. If you'd like to schedule a surgery, please call the office directly. We will be happy to help!

Surgeries should be dropped off between 7:45a-8:30a. No food should be given after midnight the night before surgery.

Contact Us

To schedule an appointment, please call (205) 861-0738 or visit contact us page today

White pug is getting his head cradled by a veterinarian on his/her medical table while getting anesthesia.


We adopt many “Fear Free” policies. We want pets to enjoy their doctor visits, so we make every effort to alleviate negative experiences. Some examples include soft restraint, allowing clients to collect fecal samples at home rather than being invasive in office, and pediatric needles for our little ones.

We have a variety of treats to give during visits! We hope the positive association will help rid anxiety for future visits. Please let us know if you or your pet have any allergies!

Calm Grey Cat being held by a male nurse looking at each other.


An annual heartworm test is required for purchase of heartworm prevention. This is for the safety of your pet. We offer instant rebates on many heartworm preventions to help you get the best deal while protecting your pet!

Veterinarian Giving a Cat a Shot


Alabama law (Code of Alabama 1975 §3-7A-2) requires that all owned dogs and cats be vaccinated against rabies by a licensed veterinarian with a physical exam to determine the health of animal. For the safety of our team and community, we do require all patients to be up to date unless they are too ill to receive the vaccine.

A Brown/White Beagle (Dog) Being Examined by a Veterinarian


For the safety and well-being of your pet, a patient doctor relationship is required, and a physical exam must be performed annually in order to have any medications prescribed.